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This week in games: GTA V oceanography, why you shouldn’t buy The Crew on launch day, and more

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Today's all about sleeping off a turkey-induced coma, eating too many leftovers, avoiding relatives, and catching up on the week's gaming news. I can't help with the first three, but the last? Yeah, I've got you cover...

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U wil arrive just in time for Christmas!

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Nintendo fans, your ultimate game is nearly here. If the 3DS version of the latest Super Smash Bros. hasn't scratched your brawling itch, the fully fledged console version has now been dated, and it'll arrive just...

Why Super Smash Bros. on 3DS could potentially revolutionise the franchise

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Super Smash Bros. has been a mainstay of Nintendo's catalogue ever since it exploded onto the scene during the Nintendo 64 era back in the '90s. Every major Nintendo console since then has been the lucky recipient...

Angry Birds Transformers: Official Gameplay Trailer!

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Get a facefull of run-and-gun action from the upcoming Angry Birds Transformers game! Take out swarms of enemies and topple piggy towers with strategically placed shots – but leave the slingshot at home ‘cos these bir...

GTA 5 getting first-person mode on PS4, Xbox One and PC?

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Grand Theft Auto 6 might be a way off, but GTA 5 could be about to get a new lease of life. According to an update on Rockstar's website (which the company has since yanked), the crimulator will get brand new firs...

Nintendo Blows Some Minds With Hyrule Warriors

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Nintendo's Hyrule Warriors, which was released in Japan last month and will arrive in North America on Sept. 26, is a very different kind of game. Nintendo called in help from two outside studios: Team Ninja, develop...

Missing Pieces: Oculus Rift rumors, Wasteland 2 arrives, and the rest of this week’s must-know games news

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Hi there, and welcome to a very mobile episode of Missing Pieces! Today I am rolling down the highway on the way to this weekend's Oculus Connect conference, where we'll hopefully be hearing some exciting news about o...

Angry Birds Transformers: Foreman Pig as Lockdown!

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Ruthless and mean to the core, what secrets lie beneath that prodigious moustache? Few know – and even fewer want

Angry Birds Transformers: Red as Optimus Prime!

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He’s brave, powerful, wise and just all-round awesome!A selfless leader, Optimus will do whatever it takes to protect

Angry Birds Transformers: Behind the scenes with Vince DiCola and Kenny Meriedeth!

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Take a look behind the scenes at the team who created the stupendously synth-tastic retro soundtrack for Angry Birds Transformers!

Angry Birds Transformers: Cinematic Trailer (VHS-Rip)

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Birds disguised as robots in disguise!The mysterious EggSpark has crashed onto Piggy Island, transformerizing everything in its path!

Sony PlayStation TV: PS4-streaming microconsole on the way in November!

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Sony fans, if you’ve been waiting for the littlest PlayStation to hit shelves, your patience will soon be rewarded. The PlayStation TV is finally on the way, and you’ll soon be able to tuck it under your TV, with Play...

Alienware Alpha: Steam Machine-style console on the way to your living room in November!

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Valve promised to bring high-end PC gaming to the couch with its wave of Steam Machines, but they’ve since been delayed until next year. Now, exotic PC hardware maker Alienware is stepping into the void with its own s...

The 404: BioShock on iOS

246 Views0 Comments Bakalar and Iyaz Akhtar from The 404 Show on CNET discuss the release of BioShock

Angry Birds Transformers Comic-Con trailer

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At San Diego Comic-Con? Stop by the Hasbro booth to learn more about Angry Birds Transformers!

Frontier’s Edge map packs and Titanfall updates unleashed: get ready for 31st July!

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Titanfall is one of the biggest games of 2014, proving capable enough to turn people who don’t like FPS shooter games into the biggest fans. It’s about to get even better though, with the launch of the Frontier’s Edge...

Consoles expand beyond gaming

259 Views0 Comments's the console market headed? CNET's Brian Cooley discusses the strategies of Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo

E3 2014 quick-fire wrap up

329 Views0 Comments Bakalar and Scott Stein blast through six questions that wrap up the story and final

Come meet the people of E3 2014

318 Views0 Comments Bakalar walks the show floor in search of the most interesting people at E3 2014.

How to use your console controllers for PC gaming

268 Views0 Comments's Dan Graziano shows you how to pair the Xbox and PlayStation controllers with your PC.

Alienware Alpha (hands-on)

340 Views0 Comments flips its Steam Machine into the Windows-only Alienware Alpha

Diving into the latest Project Morpheus games at E3 2014

292 Views0 Comments game demos at E3 show how Sony's VR headset could be used in all sorts

PlayStation TV is the smallest console at E3

244 Views0 Comments's PlayStation TV console lets you stream PS4 games, play Vita games, and access PlayStation Now.

Microsoft’s E3 mantra: Games, games, and more games (but few surprises)

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hope you’ve stocked up on Doritos and Mountain Dew—it’s going to be a long day for gamers. Microsoft, as usual, kicked off the 2014 edition of E3 with a bombastic press conference. And, since all of last year’s har...

Mario Kart 8 review

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Mario Kart 8 – such is the game’s celebrity it’s hard to believe there haven’t been more versions of the hit racing game until now. Mario Kart has been thrilling audiences for over twenty years, but it could be argued...